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Measuring for a Retractable Screen

Measuring for a Screen
The width measurement is the distance from side to side of the opening in inches. Measure within 1/8” in three places - top, middle and bottom. Use the smallest dimension.
The height measurement is from the top of the opening to the bottom of the opening. Measure within 1/8” in three places - left side, middle and right side. Use the smallest dimension.
Measuring for Door Screens
If you have an out-swing door, your screen will be mounted opposite the door swing. Measure the edge of the door jamb from the door stop outwards. If you have at least 1-1/2”, there is plenty of room to recess mount your Legends retractable screen. 
If you have the required 1-1/2” depth, see Recessed Mount below. If you do not have the required depth, see Surface Mount.
Measuring for Window Screens
If your windows swing out, your Legends screen must be mounted in the interior of the house. If the depth of the opening is 1-1/2” or more, your screen can be Recess Mounted.
If your windows open in or up, and is recessed from the outside at least 1-1/2” deep with a smooth mounting surface, your screen can be Recess Mounted. If you don’t have the depth or a proper mount surface, you will Surface Mount your screen.
Measuring for Large Opening Screen